It is with sadness and frustration we announce the end of The Parisians.

Sometimes you realize you have to move on, and it seems to be the case right now.
We still care for each other very much but we feel equally that we have come to a time
where it is needed to make a decision that will make us go on with our lives.
We shared moments that we will always remember and we feel proud to have
participated in something different that few bands could have hoped to live. 
We met so much good people during our career and we want to thank
every one of them. You helped us getting stronger and that, we won’t forget.
We will still be making music in our own way and follow our own path,
and we want to let you know that everything we did in our career
was made with sincerity as we never compromised.
We are really proud of what we have done, but it is time for us to end this story.
We hope somewhere you will keep that you were a part of this adventure
and remember it for a long time.
Take care.

The Parisians

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